August 19, 2013

Mission #15--Day 1

Overalls, shortalls, pinafores and the like are all making a comeback in recent years and thus our possibilities for wearing denim/chambray are varied even more.  So I chose to start this Mission Week out with a denim pinafore.

 The great thing about pinafores, overalls and shortalls is that they are incredibly versatile.  They can do pretty much any season and can really be made dressier, if necessary.  (Although I wouldn't recommend them for cocktail parties.)

 So guess what has been going on at our house as of late?  Oh not much, just . . . bought our first house!!!!  We won't close until early October, but it is official.  We have our very own house.

 So if you follow me on Pintrest and have been wondering what all of the home decor Pins were about, that's it.  We are so excited!  I've rented my whole adult life and I cannot wait to have something our family can call our very own.

 I am very lucky to have a tremendous team at my disposal.  One of my good friends (from elementary school actually), Jessica, is our Realtor.  My mom is a loan originator and is helping us with our loan, my mom's ex-boyfriend, who I am still close with, Bruce, is doing our home inspection and a whole slew of Patrick's family are experts in construction, H/VAC and plumbing.  So we're set there. 

 We've lived in our current home for four years, so it is definitely going to be a lot of work, but I know for a fact that in the end, it will be so worth it.

Denim Pinafore-thrifted; Navy and White Polka Dot Button Down-NY & Co., thrifted; Studded Low Booties-Forever 21; Red and White Polka Dot Scarf-vintage; Straw Tote-Fossil, thrifted; Sunnies-Target

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