August 20, 2013

Mission #15--Day 2

For the second day of Mission Week, I celebrated chambray with a fairly recently thrifted chambray mini skirt.  I loved the length and lightweight fabric, but when I saw it had pockets, I was totally sold.

I know that some parents will object to this, but I let my 12 year old listen to whatever music he likes.  I'm well aware of the fact that there is some stuff out there that is lewd or perverse, but my take on that is this: He's 12.  He's gonna hear this stuff anyway.  And so long as he is properly educated on things "discussed" in those songs (like how to treat a lady, for example) and feels comfortable talking to us, his parents, I am totally fine with it.  I personally think that parents, not music or video games or movies, are the make or break of a child.

I bring this up because something really cool happened recently with Kaden.  Normally, he's a rock lover all the way, like his dad.  But lately he's been dabbling in hip hop.  Not the hip hop on the radio, but my coveted favorite hip hop artist--Notorious B.I.G.  Which is pretty cool for me because as he gets older, there is less he wants to talk to me about and more that he wants to talk to Patrick about.

Several weeks ago, he asked me about the Biggie v. TuPac rivalry.  I told him everything that I could about how gang violence was a big issue when I was growing up and how TuPac was from the West Coast and Biggie was from the East Coast and answered his questions about it.

Well a few days ago, Kaden asked me this:
"Mom, have you ever noticed that in TuPac's Hit 'Em Up, he says "you shot me five times" and then in Biggie's Who Shot Ya, there are five gunshots?"  I had to think about it, but he is totally right!  Crazy!  He went on to tell me this, which I thought was even cooler:

"Me and Owen [his best friend from down the street] are gonna make a video about gang violence.  I'm gonna be Biggie and he's gonna be TuPac."  He goes on to telling me about the video productions and then he explains "The punch line is gonna be "it only took one bullet to end this epic battle"" and I gave him a confused look.  "Kade, there had to be more than one bullet because they're both dead."  And he replies without flinching "well . . . maybe . . . but we can't really be sure about TuPac."

Giraffe Print Blouse-Kohl's; Chambray Mini Skirt-thrifted; Orange Suede Sandals-Payless; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

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