August 3, 2013

Dear Frannie Fridays--Wedding Wear

 Since we got married last September (can't believe it's already been almost a year), we have been invited to several weddings this year.  Below is a collage of what I wore to the ones I got photos of:

 Top Left Corner--worn to my mom's wedding in a barn in the mountains
Top Middle--worn to a Catholic wedding in the city
Top Right Corner--worn to a wedding reception in a restaurant with a gambling theme
Bottom Left Corner--worn to a country wedding
Bottom Middle--worn to a mountain wedding
Bottom Right Corner--worn to a wedding reception cocktail hour

 We had our last wedding of the season last night.  It was in town in a barn and adorable.  The invitation said to wear cowboy boots, so I did.

 With all of these weddings, I have kept several things in mind for dressing for them--as anyone should.  Of course, a dress is always an easy go-to.  Dresses are easy to dress up or down depending on the situation and, of course, are awesome for dancing.

 Some of the things to think about when you're dressing for a wedding.  #1--The Season/Weather/Setting of the Wedding.  Obviously, you're going to dress differently for a summer wedding verses a winter one.  Will the wedding be outside?  If so, what's the weather look like?  Is it likely to rain?  Is it up in the mountains where it is likely to be chillier?  Is it inside where it's likely to be air conditioned?  If it's outdoors, will there be a lot of walking around?  If so, probably avoid the stilettos.

 Tip #2--Dynamics of the Wedding.  Does the wedding have a theme (vintage, country, Vegas, etc.)?  If so, dressing in the theme is just polite to the bride and groom.  Is the wedding more conservative or religiously based?  If there is a religion involved, you definitely want to research a bit and find out what things may or may not be appropriate.  An Orthodox Jewish wedding will certainly have different dress code expectations than a Buddhist one.  Make sure you don't show up in something too revealing to the former, but not to formal to the latter.

 Weddings are fun, filled with friends, dancing, food and, perhaps, drinks.  Make sure you get to spend your day/night/afternoon concerned with getting your social on rather than worrying about how you're dressed.

Dress-Free People; Cowboy Boots-vintage; Cropped Denim Jacket-thrifted c/o Goodwill Swap; Earrings-gifted

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