August 6, 2013

Mission #14--Day 2, 1950's Inspired

One of my favorite fashion decades was the 1950's and this look for Mission Week was inspired by same.  I went the 1950's housewife route, though there are a lot of other options as well.

I bought this dress while in Montana 8 or so years ago for my Grandpa's funeral.  As soon as I saw the tulle petticoat, I was all in.  And it fit me.  Solved.

This look was much more vintage-y than modern.  The full skirt, the fitted top, the pearls, the heels, the headband--very old school.

But the great thing about fashion in the 50's is that it was truly a timeless look.  Even today, no matter your size or stature, you can't go wrong with this kind of silhouette.  

To interject about this photo shoot, something funny/strange/curious happened while I was taking these photos.

I've grown exceedingly tired of my old spots for photo taking.  They're so predictable.  So I Googled some parks nearby to my work and found this little number tucked away in the northwest side of Boulder.  It seemed pretty low key, in the middle of a bunch of nice houses.  Nearby, some SAHM sat around while their kids played.

Then I notice this guy across the street.  He's staring at me, hair scraggly, backpack stuffed to the brim, a gallon of water and a half drank 2 liter of Mountain Dew.  He hesitantly makes his way across the street and I pack up (obvi).  When he gets within hearing distance of me, he starts mumbling something and then sets his drinks down and starts punching himself in the head.  Then picks his drinks up and starts yelling, seemingly at himself, for the remainder of his walk down the street.  What was he so mad about?  I guess I'll never know.

White Cotton Dress with Tulle Petticoat-old from Montana; Polka Dot Scarf (worn as a belt)-vintage; Sky Blue Peep Toe Heels-gifted; Pearl Bracelet and Earrings-gifted by Patrick from Qatar; Headband-Wal-Greens
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