May 15, 2014

Thursday Mixer--Beatles Tee

So how I acquired this tee was quasi shady, I admit.  You see, it was meant to be a Christmas present, but for a person I was not sure I would see for Christmas and was not someone that I would hunt down to get a present for, if you get my drift.  It was a filler gift, if you will.  Needless to say, I didn't end up seeing her and wound up keeping the tee for myself.  Woops.

Buuuuuuut the tee cost me $3 on clearance and though it's only had 6 appearances on the blog, it is for certain one I reach for time and time again.  Price per wear $.50.  My guilt fades with each wear to be honest.  Especially since I still haven't seen this girl so I consider it a wash.

Top Left to Right--1, Now, 3
Bottom Left to Right--1, 2, 3 

These photos are a bit old, obvi.  I'm still pregnant, but also there is snow on the ground.  Although it isn't too much of a stretch because it did snow here over the weekend, but it was a glorious spring snow wherein nothing stuck to the ground.

This weekend, however, promises to be a different story as the forecast is in the mid-80's.  Patrick and I waited to buy anything for Reilly until we knew his gender (why is everything ruffled and pink or blue and baseball???) and I was ecstatic to have our stroller delivered yesterday.  Oh yes, we have lots of walks planned.

Skinny Black Maternity Jeans-Old Navy; Beatles Tee-Wal-Mart; Leather Jacket-gifted; Combat Boots-L.E.I.; Glasses-Bebe; Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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