May 20, 2014

Mission #33, Day 2

This totally thrifted look for Mission Week is actually kinda special to me because it is the last outfit I wore (save for a hospital gown) before I had my little Reilly.   These photos were actually even taken right outside of my doctor's office.  Do I look ginormous and uncomfortable?  Because I am both of those things. 

I also wore this outfit to a bridal shower--my first ever--for Patrick's cousin, Nicole.  I have been to slews of baby showers, but no bridal showers.  It was really fun! 

It's crazy how time flies.  My little guy turned two weeks yesterday and I can hardly believe that we've been blessed with him for two weeks now.  In a way, it feels like he's been here forever.  But looking back at these photos, I realize that only a short 14 days-ish ago, I was still able to balance a cereal bowl on my big ole belly.

I can't say I miss the belly so much.  I know that sounds bad, but I much prefer my baby on the outside.  Even with the sleepless nights (oh yes, there are plenty of those) and spit up and constant feedings.  I am so glad to have my little guy here and not be soooo big (although, I do still have a ways to go before I am back to normal) and helpless and sore and tired and uncomfortable.

And, being a mother to three already at 13, 9 and 7 I just know that before I know it, my little newborn who can barely keep his little eyes open long enough to smile at you will be riding a bike and reading a book and all of those other things.  Time is crazy--for real.

Red and White Polka Dot Dress-Casual Corner, thrifted; Yellow Houndstooth Cardigan-Forever 21, thrifted; Crocheted Tennies-Target; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

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