May 2, 2014

Mission #32, Day 5--Polka Dot Trousers

It's the last day of Mission Week and here are some of my saving grace maternity pants--these polka dot trousers.  They are cute, comfy and have pockets.  This look with printed pants is great for a girl's night or a casual Friday at the office--fun yet professional.

I took these right by a funeral home by my office to capture the gorgeous pink blossoms in the trees.  As you can see, there is a wall to my right (your left in the photos), so I figured I was safe.  And I was.  I snapped away without issue.

But toward the end of my little shoot, I suddenly here "OH!  I thought you were taking selfies," a man exclaimed from over the wall.  "You snappin' those trees are ya?"

After I jumped about 40 feet in the air, I just went with it--agreeing with his theory that I was only here for the trees.  He asked if I had gotten photos of the trees at the cemetery across the highway and I told him I had not.  He told me that I was "more than welcome to do so" as there were no burials scheduled that day.

First of all, sir, what the hell?  Can't you just let me do whatever it is I'm doing without scaring the bejesus out of a 9 month pregnant woman by peering over a cement wall?  Second, thanks for the permission to take photos of trees in a public cemetery . . . I guess . . .  And lastly, do blog photos constitute as selfies? 

Polka Dot Maternity Trousers-Old Navy; Hot Pink Sheer Blouse-Old Navy; Glitter Oxfords-thrifted; Black Puffer Vest-thrifted; Earrings-Shane Co., gifted by Patrick; Sunnies-shop in mall

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