May 14, 2014

Maternity Leave

I get 8 weeks off for maternity leave and Patrick gets 3 weeks off.  I have had a long list of things that I wanted to make sure that I got done during this time--and I still plan to--but there have been a lot of great things that I didn't consider that have happened.

For starters, I have waaaaaaaaay more energy than I anticipated having.  I think it is from laying around huge and helpless for the past couple of months and now finally having mobility and actual energy again.

This has helped me to do a bunch of things that I didn't ever actually do while I was pregnant--like deep clean my house for real or cook an amazing dinner or basically do anything that did not involve my butt and a bed or couch.  It feels great.

And having Patrick around with me has been a true blessing.  Not only is it nice to have the help--and trust me, he loooooves to help with Reilly--but it is also nice to just hang out together.  We have lunch together every day.  We go to the store together.  We watch movies together when the baby is sleeping.

Yesterday my bestie Matty came up to spend the afternoon with us and have dinner.  It was nice to sit around and socialize with him.  My kids were psyched too.  Even though Matty isn't their "real" uncle--they love him just as if he was.

Maternity leave is for physical healing and adjusting--which I have been doing.  It's also nice to have the time to do little things like taking the baby to the doctor and setting up appointments and stuff.  But it's also a nice break to take a breather and enjoy life with the little life you have just created.  And that's what we're doing.

Rust Colored Dress--vintage; Navy Cardigan--American Eagle; Polka Dot Tights--Target; Black Booties-Old Navy; Fox Necklace--Charming Charlie's; Earrings--Kohl's; Sunnies-Target

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