May 19, 2014

Mission #33, Day 1

 This week for Mission Week we are celebrating the all thrifted outfit and I am starting with one of my favorite looks I wore during my pregnancy.  I thrifted this non-maternity dress in February and it really proved its worth.

This weekend was one of those perfect weekends where nothing and lots of things happen simultaneously in perfect harmony.  Conner unfortunately got really sick on Saturday.  In an effort to keep Baby Reilly away from the germs and allow Patrick time to hammer around on the bathroom remodel (sooooo close to being done!), Brielle and I went out on the town.

First, we went to the Farmer's Market.  I just love going to the Farmer's Market.  Not only is the food amazing, but it's just such a wholesome experience--especially with the kids.  I'm getting to actually know the vendors and what they sell.  Brielle's favorite part?  The chocolate goat milk.

Then, in the spirit of Reilly's umbilical cord falling off, we decided that he needed a slew of bath supplies.  Target here we come!  This, of course, turned into PJs that Reilly needed.  And outfits.  And baseball slippers.  And then Brielle "needed" a maxi dress.  So we went on a search for one. 

 Then, on Sunday my family all met at the park we usually meet at for the Spina Bifida walk on or around Mother's Day.  We weren't able to make the walk this year because of the birth of Reilly--which bummed me out.  But this . . .

Was totally worth the wait.

LBD-thrifted; Pale Yellow Blazer-Petite Sophisticate, thrifted; Striped Tights-gifted; Tweed Flats-Target; Earrings-Shane Co., gifted by Patrick; Necklace-c/o oNecklace

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