October 3, 2013

Mission #18--Crop Top Tip 4--Layers, Layers, Layers

Yeah, yeah.  I'm wearing a crop top over a maxi dress again for Mission Week.  But this time it is to show you that the more layers you use when crop topping, the less scandalous you be.  I've also layered this particular top over an oversized oxford shirt, just to give you an idea.

You know what's cracked me up lately?  My oldest niece Anya.  She is just a doll and hilarious in general, but I've been thinking about her a lot.

I've mentioned on here before, but she was born with spina bifida.  Basically what this means is that she needs a wheelchair or braces to help her to walk.  But she is amazing and smart and the sweetest girl in the world.

Well not long ago, she and her sister stayed over at my house.  For a sleepover movie, they chose to watch Hercules.  And Anya has been obsessed ever since.  

She really wants to be a "true hero."  She tries to pick up furniture, she tries to be brave and every time I see her, she shows me how much bigger her muscles are than last time I saw her.  This works to her parent's advantage, too.  "True heroes pick up their rooms" or "true heroes eat all of their dinner."

I always tell her that she is already a true hero to me.  Usually she just corrects me that she is not.  But the last time she said "Yeah, Auntie to you I am.  But I still need the horse."

Peach Shear Maxi Dress (worn as a skirt)-vintage; Striped Cropped Tee-Aeropostale; Hot Pink Cardigan-thrifted; Cognac Knotted Booties-Charlotte Russe; Necklace-gifted; Earrings-c/o Touchstone Crystals; Sunnies-Target

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