October 17, 2013

Mission #19, Day 4--Leopard Blouse

This is the most casual and comfortable looks for Mission Week.  I soooooo loved wearing this.  These days, I would be completely content wearing flowy blouses and leggings everyday.

We've had a lot of really great happenings around the house this week.  First of all, my younger son Conner came home from his dad's this weekend with a second missing tooth.  He is now missing both of his front teeth and it is adorable.

He has always had the sweetest little voice anyway (the kid has literally been talking in sentences since 10 months old), but the recent prominent lisp just makes him even cuter than before, if that was even possible.

Also, my daughter has been wanting to get her ears pierced for a couple of years now, but never could muster up the courage to do it.  Well, someway somehow she decided Tuesday night that she was doing it.  So off to Claire's we went.

What was just as adorable as her piercing was the fact that Patrick got his ears pierced too.  For one, he's wanted to for some time now since he is finally done with the military, for two, he wanted to do it before Brielle to show her it didn't hurt and for three he wanted to do it with her so they could bond over it.

So now my family has two missing teeth and four extra piercings.  It is awesome.  I love watching my daughter and Patrick clean their little earrings together every night.  These are the things life are made of people.  I'm loving it.

Studded Leggings-Rue21, gifted; Sheer Leopard Print Blouse-Forever 21; Brown Tank-Banana Republic, gifted; Cap Toe Two Tone Heels-Franco Sarto; Bangle-gifted; Earrings-Kohl's; Sunnies-shop at mall

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