February 6, 2017

Mission #100, Day 1--Zsa Zsa Gabor and Natalie Cole

Today is my birthday.  And the first day of the last Mission Week.  We've come full circle, you see, because the very first Mission Week was born of a birthday week celebrating all of the great people I share a birthday with.  And every year around my birthday I have continued this tradition.  See all the ways I've channeled the lovely Zsa Zsa Gabor (who we regrettably lost this year) and Natalie Cole.

I feel like I can't really go on without thanking everyone who took time out to reach out to me since my announcement Friday that this will be my last week of blogging.  It really meant a lot for a lot of reasons and reminded me how cool this blogging journey has been.  What a great way to start a birthday.  And a lovely fur doesn't hurt either (it is real . . . but it's vintage . . . so it doesn't count).

Skirt-Forever 21
Bag-Kate Spade, gifted

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