July 27, 2015

Make it Work Monday #19

Today's style inspiration comes from a blog that I have followed for a while--The Not Vanilla, formerly Runway Hippie.  I just loved this look the moment I saw it and knew it would go magnificently with my Great-Grandmother's bag (yep!).

Today starts something new friends.  Today I start the #Whole30 challenge.  And I am actually really excited about it!  Ever since my juice cleanse, I've been so motivated to do even more healthy eating (although we generally eat pretty healthy anyway).  I have been really cutting back on carbs and sugar.  One major change that I made was putting honey instead of sugar and creamer in my coffee!

But today starts the big leagues.  The book says to not start with things that you can't eat, but because we all know that the Whole30 is about eating organic and natural foods, let's just say that there are a lot of limitations to that. 

For starters: no dairy.  And that, I think, will be the toughest.  No cheese?  No sour cream?   But I will make it.  Also, no peanuts, no beans, no grains, no soy.  That will also be a hard one as I have come to rely on peanuts specifically to get me through the work day (read: no lunch break). 

As I said, I am excited.  I am committed.  And now that Vegas is over, there is nothing standing in my way of doing this.  Patrick is supposedly on board too.  But as someone who doesn't like potatoes or bell peppers or onions or tomatoes or coconut (or basically anything)--I hope he will survive.  

I'll keep you posted.  Obvi.  

Polka Dot Dress (worn as a skirt)-Casual Corner, thrifted
Red and White Striped Shirt-Jones New York
Sequined Bag-vintage from my great grandmother
Red Bandana-vintage
Necklaces-Kohls and vintage from Grandma
Diamond Earrings-gifted

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