April 25, 2011

Drift Away

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Wanna hear a cool story about how these little sailor pant beauties once made my day? The day started with a random Google search of cute shops in the area that I haven't been to yet. I stumbled on Rockin' Robin's Consignment. Naturally, being named Robin, my interest was peaked. I looked into the website. For the record, this is the best website for a consignment store I have ever encountered. She takes pics of all her new clothes every Wednesday and sends out an email with a newsletter. I spotted these fantastic, new with tags vintage sailor pants modeled by none other than the fabulous owner (Robin). I stopped by after work to not only find them still there, but in my size. SCORE!!!! Well, during my checkout, I got to talking to Robin. She is fantastic! We really hit it off. She suggested that I sign up for the newsletter with my email address. I told her I would. A couple days later, I signed up. The next day I got my first newsletter in my email. The newsletter said that the website had gotten their 1,000th member and that member had won a $50 gift certificate. Guess who the winner was baby? Oh, yeah! I only have the pants to thank. It was fashion fate.

Red bandana-unknown; Sunnies-Elle from Kohl's; Black tanktop-gifted; Black cropped moto jacket-Miley Cyrus from Wal-Mart; Sailor pants-vintage from Rockin Robins; Heels-Candies; Bag-Kohl's; Watch, necklace and earrings-gifted


  1. hey girl! I love your style and your blog! From what I've seen so far you have a knack for dressing stylishly on a budget, great taste in shoes and an eye for pieces that speak for themselves. I also love your positive attitude and I'll definitely keep coming back to find inspiration.

  2. Tiffany, thank you so much. That means a lot!


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