June 25, 2015

Mission #60, Day 4

I am not just surprised by how easy it has been to create five outfits out of five pieces of clothing for this Mission Week, but I am also surprised about how many more possibilities that there are from these five pieces!  This was a really fun outfit and it was comprised of two of the pieces and . . . .

THREE pieces from THREE different grandmothers' closets.  LOL  Yep, that is right.  I don't just love the Macklemore song, I actually live that life.  I literally wear your grandmother's clothes.  And I love it because it is so special to me.

Take this amazing white fedora.  It was Patrick's Grandma Carlson's.  It was one of the many that she was ready to just throw away because she no longer wanted it.  And yet, it is one of my favorite of the bunch that she handed down to me.

This watch?  It was my Grandma Wagner's.  She loved her jewelry alright.  But she had really sensitive skin and was limited to only the finest metals to be worn on her skin or in her ears.  And while I have never really been a jewelry gal, I do adore playing in her jewelry. 

And these wedges that Patrick's Grandma Vandervliet gave me right after I had Reilly.  And I mean right after I had Reilly.  She brought them with her one day when visiting the baby.  One day when I was annoyed that I still looked 8 months pregnant and roasted on a five mile walk in the blazing sun with Reilly in the stroller.  But guess what?  Shoes always fit.  Hence, they can always make you feel better ;-)

And am I ever ashamed to wear grandmother clothes?  Answer:  Never.  Not once.  I love it.  

Leather Skirt-The Liminted, thrifted
Chambray Button Down-Lee
Wedges-gifted by Patrick's Grandma
White Fedora-vintage from Patrick's other Grandma
Watch-vintage from my Grandma
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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