June 24, 2015

Mission #60, Day 3

This week could also be centered solely around this chambray shirt.  In fact, I have specifically not done a Thursday Mixer series on this shirt because I have worn it so many ways that it would take too long to create the post.  But tying it over a dress is certainly another way that you can create an outfit out of 5 items.

So tonight I am going to see Rob Thomas in concert with my sister.  Anyone privy to information on my sister and I's history with Rob Thomas will find this hilarious.  Do you want to find it hilarious?  Here's the story:

My sister has been obsessed with Matchbox 20 and, more specifically with Rob Thomas, ever since they came out.  She has been to every concert, bought ever CD and has enough MB20 memorabilia to create her own museum.  One day, the day of a Matchbox 20 concert, there was a radio contest for not only tickets, but backstage passes to the concert.  My mom called and she and my sister actually won!  Of course, my sister already had tickets, so she now had four total tickets and backstage passes.  Being that the concert was that evening, she was hurrying to find someone to utilize the two extra tickets.

That's where my then 21 year old self and my best friend Matty came in.  My sister offered us the tickets and we took them--even though we weren't super keen on the band, it was something to do.  And we went.  And my sister had the best day of her life.  She met Rob Thomas--he even gave her a kiss on the cheek.  My sister was on Cloud 9.  But . . . Matty and I were newly 21.  And we found ourselves somehow downtown Denver with some time to kill.  And somehow we made it about half a song of Matchbox 20's set before we ended up ditching the concert to go dancing and drinking. 

We made it back to the concert hall just as the show let out and we totally played it off as though we were there for the whole show.  And we kept that facade up since--12 years running.  Until I was talking to my sister a few days ago and she mentioned that she wanted me to go to the concert with her so that I could finally see Rob Thomas in concert.  I guess she had found out.  I'm not sure how.  But I definitely owe it to her.

Red and White Striped Dress-Milly for Kohl's
Chambray Button Down-Lee
Earrings-vintage from Grandma
Watch-vintage from Grandma

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