June 23, 2015

Mission #60, Day 2

This look includes 3 of the 5 of the items for more of a layered look.  It is a very business casual look--especially with kitten heels and reading glasses.  Speaking of business and of casual, let me tell you a little bit about my office relationship with our associate attorney Danielle.

I love Danielle.  She is fun and sweet and funny and very hard working.  She is extremely smart and thorough in her work.  Sometimes, though, she gets suuuuuuuper stressed out--as one does when you work in a law office.  At the office, though, my job is to lessen the stress of the attorneys as much as humanly possible.

So at work, I try to calm her down by asking her to tell me what she needs me to do to lighten her load and help her out.  Usually, she tries to do everything herself and takes it all on and then freaks out about how she will get it all done.  She always thinks that the worst possible scenario will happen and she is always prepared for crazy ish to hit the fan.  All of these are common as well as pretty admirable in an attorney, but sometimes it can be a little difficult to deal with.

So I was talking to Patrick about this.  And he asked me "Do you know what's funny?  You act exactly like she does at home.  She is the perfect person for you to work with."  And he is right.  Because while I might be an optimistic, easy-going smoother-outer at the office, at home I am a total nut job.

I constantly freak out on Patrick about things that need done, chores that need done, events that we need to prepare for and always think that the worst possible thing that can happen will.  I flood myself with to-do's and never ask for help and always spaz out whenever I have something important coming up.  And it is always Patrick who is always asking me how he can help, calming me down and trying to rationalize my anxiety.

And in that moment, I realized that he was right.  And I had two sides of myself--work self and home self.  And that I needed to take my own advice and ask for help, have some faith in myself and not try to control things that are out of my control.


Black Joggers-Nordstrom
Light Blue Tank-Ann Taylor, thrifted
Chambray Button Down-Lee
Kitten Heels-BCBG, thrifted

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