June 26, 2015

Mission #60, Day 5

Well folks.  We did it.  Five items from the closet dressed up in five ways.  I for one totally recommend this challenge.  It sparks creativity, yes, but it also gives you an appreciation for your closet.  And that is immeasurable--especially when you are on a shopping ban.

On that note, I have been really good.  The shopping ban has been in effect for almost a month and I have been clean of buying anything at all clothing related.  It feels good, actually, and I have barely been tempted at all.  (Not totally clear of temptation but I've been pretty good.)

I do have a very healthy wish list going for when I am no longer on my shopping ban, though.  That list includes white pumps, mint pumps, these adorable off the shoulder dresses and tops that everyone has now, a black romper and suspender dresses (why are you just coming out now, suspender dress?  why??????).

And I've been able to use the money that I was using for clothes in other ways.  I got to get Patrick a few really cool Father's Day gifts.  I got to buy a juice cleanse (I'll be following up on that next week).  And I got to take my kids on a few ice cream dates.

In all honesty, I could probably prolong this shopping ban to the end of the year.  And I might--depending on how I feel when summer is over.  The urge to shop for clothes hasn't really been there so much and I really feel good about using the clothes that I currently have that have gotten neglected over new purchases.

If 5 pieces of clothes can make these 5 outfits . . . then imagine what my entire closet can do!  What if I made it to a year without shopping?  That would be amazing in all honesty, though perhaps a bit unrealistic.

For now I will just channel my energy into the present time.  For now I am trying really hard to already discipline myself for the Vegas trip next month.  Especially since my mother booked a hotel right by a huge mall.  How thoughtful of her . . .

Black Joggers-Nordstrom
Red and White Striped Dress-Milly for Kohls
Leopard Slides-Target
Necklace-Charming Charlie's
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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