August 27, 2014

Mission #40, Day 3--The Nerd

I know that now it's cool to be a nerd and I think that's awesome.  Unfortunately, I'm not nerdy--at least in the "cool" sense anyway.  I don't watch Doctor Who or Sherlock.  Disney movies, while really cool, are not my faves.  I've never seen Star Wars or Star Trek.  I suck at math and sometimes I make really stupid spelling errors.  And, to really annoy nearly every other blogger out there, I'm not a huge reader/book fan.  Gasp!  I know.

But there are things that I am really nerdy about.  Law.  I love law.  Even when I complain about my job.  Learning law is fascinating to me.  Patrick made fun of my excitement yesterday when I had to call Courts out in California to find out about their subpoena process.

Photography.  Hence the shirt.  I love photography.  I know it may seem like I only take photos of myself if you only "know" me via this blog, but this is quite the contrary.  I take photos, mostly of my kids and nieces and nephews, ALLLLLL the time.  In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, you might get a hint of that too.

 Cooking.  I'm not good at creating meals or recipes per se, but I can follow a recipe and adjust as necessary and make a really good dish.  I really love making something that makes people happy.  And who doesn't get excited about food?

Clothes.  Obvi.  But not only am I fascinated by fashion, love the shop and think that the actual psychology behind style is amazing, but I . . . am a . . . hoarder of clothes.  I know, I know.  Every blogger says that.  But I am.  Case in point?  These Birks are original.  As in my for real original Birks from high school.  I know--whoa.

I'm also big on cherishing memories.  This little tunnel I'm in is actually a walkway to Westview Middle School--my middle school from back in the day.  The tunnel is a way for kids to cross the busy street and get to school without actually crossing the street.  I figured I'd try to incorporate a school into my photos in some way.  But school's back in now.  And I don't want to look a fool interrupting classes by posing out in front of a school for blog photos.  After all, nerds are sneaky and introverted typically, no?  Maybe I'm more nerd than I thought.

Cargo Joggers-Target; Camera Graphic Tee-thrifted; Short Sleeved Blazer-thrifted; Sandals-Birkenstock; Studded Backpack-c/o Jolly Chic; Glasses-Bebe; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Necklace-c/o oNecklace

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