August 18, 2014

Make it Monday--Chilaquiles

Welcome to the first real edition of Make it Monday!  I went to Mexico almost ten years ago.  While I was there, I tried a breakfast dish--chilaquiles.  Ever since I've craved it, but never thought to look for the recipe on Pinterest.  But I stumbled upon one here and tried it out.  This is what happened:


Instead of using store bought tortilla chips, I opted to make my own using my favorite corn tortillas via La Tortilla Factory, slicing them into fourths, frying them in oil and, of course, sprinkling a bit of salt on them.  Also, I used an organic enchilada sauce instead of salsa.

Difficulty and Timing

This dish was surprisingly easy to make and, other than the time I took to make chips, didn't take much time to make.  It was one I could easily incorporate into weekday dinners with ease. 

The Verdict

The dish was phenomenal.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was, however, a bit spicy.  And if you're not into spicy things or if you are feeding kids, I would suggest either substituting the green chilis with a milder version, using less of them or cutting them out all together.  I personally think that making my own chips made a world of difference.  I would suggest it. 

I made other recipes from Pinterest that I am anxious to share, but I'm going to hold off at this time and do one recipe per post.  That way I have a backlog for when I inevitably forget to take photos of the outcome or process. 

If you've been to Mexico and had the real deal, you know it's hard to make a comparable version.   But this one was pretty close.  And if you're a fan, I would recommend it for sure.

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