August 1, 2014

Mission #38, Day 5--Scarf as a . . . Scarf

It's the last day of Mission Week.  What better or simpler way to wear a scarf in the summer than . . . as a scarf?  Obviously, make sure it's a light scarf so you don't overheat.

I think that all of my kids are sweethearts, no doubt about it.  But my 9 year old, Conner, is by far the sweetest.  He has the biggest heart and is always very respectful, polite and considerate.

His big heart can also cause him to be very optimistic.  He can always see the bright side.  He is known to remind Kaden and Brielle that they should be grateful when they are whiny.

When I picked the kids up yesterday after they came back from Mexico, I told them that their brothers, Kaden and Reilly, really missed them a lot and that they were going to be so excited to see them.  Brielle says "Well, Kaden won't be excited.  He'll just say 'hey.'"

Conner was far more optimistic.  "He's just a teenager.  He needs to be cool.  I know he will just say 'hey', but I know he missed us in his heart."  #howtomeltamothersheart 

Maternity Khaki Pants-thrifted; Tank-Kohl's; Leopard Print Scarf-vintage; Sandals-Payless; Sunnies-Target; Earrings-gifted

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