August 11, 2014

Mission #39, Day 1--Joggers!--Black Joggers

When you find out you're pregnant, your wardrobe instantly starts shrinking before your eyes.  Not only do the clothing options you already have start limiting themselves, but it seems every cute trend that comes out is not applicable to pregnant bellies.  For me it was the mesh skirts, origami skirts and crop tops. 

Luckily, when I found out I was pregnant with Reilly, the jogger/track pants trend was on the rise.  This was just great--elastic waistbands, forgiving shape and, most of all, comfort.  Not to mention, they are seasonally extremely versatile.  They're pants so obviously they work in the cooler weather, but they have thin enough fabric so that they do well in the warmer months too.

So this week here on Frannie Pantz, Mission Week is all about the joggers.  And I'm debuting the most versatile pair that I own--black.  I say that because, given the reasons above, when they were "in" and they worked for pregnancy, you better believe I bought about 6 or so pairs.

Though some find them a little hard to style, I found they work in all kinds of environments.  I have professionalized them up for work, I've worn them casually for the weekend and I find they can even work well for a dressy occasion.  Of course, the accessories make all the difference as to whether you wear them to work or play.

I did wear this to work, but I could see this being a good girls night out for drinks look.  The colors and leopard print are bright and fun, but the black pants make it more structured.

Have you jumped on the jogger trend?  If so, I hope you enjoy this week's Mission Week.  If not, maybe I can convince you!

Leopard Print Bomber-thrifted; Yellow Tank-Old Navy; Black Joggers-Wayf from Nordstrom; Teal Kitten Heels-Alfani, gifted and thrifted; Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Mirrored Aviators-Target

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