August 19, 2014

Share the Covers--Silver Lining

Here is a version by David Gray from 1998 . . .

And another version by Bonnie Raitt in 2002 . . .


For five of the last 8 days I have been getting up, getting myself and Reilly ready, driving down to downtown Denver for an eight hour mediation training during rush hour, getting out of said training at rush hour and returning home about twelve hours after I leave.

Yesterday was my kids' first day back to school (I know--ALREADY???).  I was in training.  I didn't get to drop them off as I have done every year.  I did not get to talk to them directly afterwards to see how it went.  I was not there for any hiccups along the way.  And I felt really badly about that.  

But today.  Today my friends.  Today that ends.  Because today is the last day of mediation training.  I can officially mediate in Colorado.  HOORAY!  I've enjoyed the class, got to rub elbows with some Judges and I feel really confident and excited to move forward.

Not to mention, unexpectedly some of the skills I learned in mediation class have transferred nicely to home life with Patrick and the kids.  Additionally, I feel even more prepared to bring my new lessons back to my paralegal position.  

Silver Lining is an appropriate song choice for this Share the Covers because I definitely feel it today.  I had to make some real sacrifices--as did all my family--for this to work.  But now--it's done.  I feel accomplished.  I feel smarter.  I feel proud that I was able to complete this class as one of only four non-attorneys in the class.  I feel blessed for the opportunity and support.

Black and White Striped Pencil Skirt-Target; Orange Blouse-Charming Charlie's, thrifted and NWT; Cognac Knotted Booties-Charlotte Russe; Bag-vintage Coach and gifted; Earrings-Charming Charlie's; Sunnies-Target; Bracelet-gifted by Mom ;-)

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