August 15, 2014

Mission #39, Day 5--Grey Joggers

It's the last day of Mission Week.  Here's the final jogger/track pants look for you--casual with the tee, polished with the blazer, heels and dangly earrings.  I know they weren't really "meant" to be together, but I swear there is no better match in general than band tees, blazers and heels.

The other day Kaden was out with a friend when the friend's mom took the boys out to buy her son back to school clothes.  He came home so excited.

"Mom!"  He said.  "Guess I'm a personal shopper now."  He explained that his friend really wanted this expensive pair of shoes for $70.  Kaden convinced him that, no, he didn't need $70 shoes.  And with that $70 got the kid hooked up with shorts, a shirt, a hat and another pair of shoes.

Not only that but the kid wanted to get shorts that were two sizes too big so he could "sag them" (yeah, apparently that's still a "thing" for middle schoolers).  Kaden told him that was waaaaaaay out of style and got the kid to get shorts his own size.

Kaden's friend's mom was really impressed and so was I.  She asked Kaden how he learned to shop so well and Kaden answered that he was raised by his mom and two gay guys (my two best friends--Matty and Chris).  I laughed and then told him he might want to clarify since my brother was staying with us.  The mom might come over one day and think that Patrick and my brother were the two gay guys.  Woops.

Grey Track Pants-Wayf from Nordstrom; Aerosmith Tee-thrifted; Black Blazer-thrifted; Snakeskin Studded Heels-thrifted; Earrings-gifted

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