August 13, 2014

Mission #39, Day 3--Navy Joggers

A neutral approach to styling joggers on this day for Mission Week.  This is, of course, the most casual way to style joggers and, in my opinion, the easiest.  I did, however, have to add in this Prada bag that my mother thrifted for me that very day.  Because no matter how neutral, there's always room for Prada.

This entire week I've been in Mediation Training down in Denver.  It has been an awesome and informative experience.  And I want to share the wealth of my knowledge with you by offering a lesson I learned in interests--a very important factor in mediating. 

My instructor offered the following scenario.  I want you to tell me, before reading the last paragraph, what YOU would do in this situation--just for funsies.

You are on the lookout for a new coat.  You are stuck downtown and there are two department stores--Store A and Store B.  You must buy your coat from one of these department stores. You go into a department Store A and find a FABULOUS coat.  You love the color, you feel great in it and you think you look HOT in this coat.  You walk out of the dressing room and the salesperson says . . . she's not sure the coat is for you.  It's not your color and it just plainly does not look good on you.

So you go next store to Store B.  You find the same coat.  Even though you are discourage from Store A's rude clerk, you try the coat on anyway and find that you STILL love the coat and the way you look in it.  To make things better, this time when you waltz out of the dressing room, the clerk affirms that you look FAB-U-LOUS.  You look at the price tag, however, and realize that the coat in Store B is $20 more than it is at Store A.

So--do you go back to Store A to save the money--clerk be damned?  Or do you spend the extra $20 to buy the coat from the store you are already at with arguably friendlier staff?

If you chose Store A then you have a substantive interest--money.  If you chose Store B then you have a psychological interest--validation and acceptance as well as supporting a store with friendlier staff--as well as a procedural interest--time in not wanting to go all the way back to the other store.  

Interesting huh?

Navy Joggers-Wayf from Nordstrom; Black Blouse-Kohl's; Glitter Heels-Target; Bag-Prada, thrifted and gifted; Buckle Cuff-H&M; Branch Necklace-c/o Uncommon Goods; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-shop in mall

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