April 24, 2014

Thursday Mixer--Striped Maxi Dress

When I thrifted this maxi dress two years ago for $8 I was like SCOOOOOOORE!!!  I was surprised, going through my archives, to only find 4 documented wears via the blog, but I can assure you that I have worn it many more times.  It's one of those items that I can just grab and throw on in a pinch.  At any rate, the documented price per wear of this dress--$2.  Not bad.

Now, 2, 3, 4

So guess what?  I only have three more weeks of pregnancy at most.  But somehow I have many weeks of photos on backlog.  Aaaaaand plan to take them until I deliver.  So . . . you're going to see a lot of belly pictures when it's all said and done.

But I figure that it will even out.  I'll be too busy when the new baby comes to take new photos.  Plus I'll be in that awkward "nothing fits right still" postpartum phase.  Plus, when you have a newborn, you're lucky if you even get dressed during the day--let alone in heels or anything coordinated.  I remember someone coming to visit me after I had Kaden and discovering I was still in my PJs.  From three days ago.

So, hopefully you don't get too sick of maternity style on here because it's gonna be around for a little while.  

Striped Maxi Dress-thrifted; Cropped Denim Jacket-thrifted; Black Tank-Old Navy; Black Flats-K-Mart; Feather Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

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