April 29, 2014

Mission #32, Day 2--Paisley Palazzo Pants

I got these palazzo pants from Target without a real intention of being as obsessed with them as I ended up being.  But it turns out that I want to live in these pants.  And they are perfect for Mission Week.

Currently, I've been super itchy all over my body.  The doctors are looking into it to make sure it is not liver connected.  In the meantime, I'm laying low, taking Benadryl and getting rest. 

All of this itching reminds me of the chicken pox--minus the rash--which I have had three times.  What's that?  Yeah, three times.  You're supposed to get it once.  I got it three times.  My sister and I both had it when we were really little--like 3 and 2.  That was fun for my mom, I bet.

The second time was in third grade.  It got the shingles, actually, which you are supposed to only get if you are old and have never had the chicken pox.  But no, I got shingles.  At like 10.  Because my body is built like an old woman.

And the last time I got the chicken pox I was in middle school and it was during Halloween.  So I got to hand out candy in my cute little cheerleader costume.

So basically, all this itchiness is not bringing about good memories.

Paisley Palazzo Pants-Target; Mint Mesh Sweater-Target; Striped Tank Maternity-Old Navy; Gold Smoking Slippers-Target; Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Sunnies-Target

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