April 3, 2014

Mission #30, Day 4--Menswear--Jeans and Blazer

This menswear look for Mission Week is kind of a wash--more of a unisex look really.  But as I begun to run out of ways to recreate a menswear look that I can pull off pregnant, I decided to go with something that a man could also wear.  Minus, probably, the glittery shoes.  Those take a special kind of man.

And speaking of a special kind of man, the further along in my pregnancy that I get, the more protective that Patrick gets.  He went with me to the grocery store this weekend for the first time ever.  Then, he only let me carry two things into the house when we got home: paper towels and eggs.  He actually took the eggs out of the bag and handed them to me.

He parks the van in the driveway for me to get out instead of having me maneuver through the garage.  He has tried to cut me off of soda (the only vice I have unsuccessfully cut from my routine).  He doesn't like me to use the step stool in the kitchen.

As I mentioned, he has been doing some major remodeling in the house lately.  Last night he was gluing pipes together with this super crazy glue and he had every window open and fans on so that the fumes were not consumed by me.

With all of this construction and remodel, there is a whole trailer full of drywall that needs to go to the dump.  I told Patrick we should look up the next available free dump day.  It is May 1.  "Ooooooh that's cutting it a little too close," he says.  Because apparently, come May 1 we will be barricading ourselves in the house with cans of beans and hot towels.  I'm due mid-May.

He's adorable.

Maternity Black Skinny Jeans-Old Navy; Grey and Black Tee-Target; Black Blazer-A-List, gifted; Glitter Oxfords-thrifted; Black Scarf-Kohl's; Leopard Socks-Target; Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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