April 8, 2014

Share the Covers--Baby I Got Your Money

Here is the original by Ol' Dirty Bastard . . .

And the comical cover by Say Anything . . .


My kids' spring break ended and school is back in session.  The birthday parties are over and although exhausting went really well.  Needless to say, things are back to a dull roar in our house.

Now we have some breathing room before my daughter's actual birthday in a week and a half and Easter.  And then we'll have a little bit of a break until this baby decides to show up.  Part of me is glad that things are so busy.  It will make the time go faster and the waiting seem less agonizing.  Part of me is freaking out. 

It doesn't help when I have transactions like this with the cashier at Sprouts:

"Ooooooh, you're having a baby!  When are you due?"
"Next month."
*Uncontrollable laughter* "Oh my God, you say that so calmly!"

Enter freak out mode.

Black and White Striped Dress-Target; Sheer Leopard Print Blouse-Forever 21; Black Heels-thrifted; Earrings-Kohl's; Bangles-gifted; Sunnies-shop in mall

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