January 31, 2014

Mission #26, Day 5--Comfy Flats

On this last day of Mission Week, I have some very sad news.  Ladies--I will have to hang up my heels for a bit.  Pregnancy has been a pain in my butt.  Literally.

Not to get all TMI, but I've had the worst muscle pain.  In my butt.  Not in my back or legs like a normal pregnant woman, but in my butt.  And I've noticed that walking helps, but more that heels of any kind make it worse.  Like really bad.  Like I can't get out of bed or off the couch without help and crying bad.

I'm too stubborn to give them up completely, but you will find a lot more flats here on the blog for the next couple of months.  But really, some cute and comfy flats are a pregnant woman's best friend.  They are easier on the feet, legs and back in general, but also safer due to your suddenly craptastic balance. 

Also, I have to ask you guys something.  My InLink subscription is about up.  This is the tool that I use for the bi-weekly link ups for Mission Week.  I pay for them.

But since I started Mission Week, I haven't really had any participation in the link ups.  I'm thinking of continuing Mission Week (I like a good challenge), but I might get rid of the link ups.  

What say you?

Skinny Cargo Pants-Candie's; Black and White Striped Sweater-Old Navy; Leopard Flats-Payless; Mirrored Aviator Sunnies-Target; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

Also, January's over.  Whaaaaaaaat?

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