January 13, 2014

Mission #25, Day 1--Beige and White

My mom got my daughter this stuffed unicorn years ago and it was one of those stuffed animals that never left her side.  Its name was Uni.

Well, I should say it almost never left her side because at some point a few months ago, Uni got lost.  And my daughter has been so bummed about it.

We were randomly browsing Amazon.com on Monday last week and stumbled upon a little stuffed unicorn nearly identical to Uni!  It was $6.  So my daughter did a bunch of extra chores to earn the money to buy the Uni replacement and have it shipped by Thursday so that she would have it for when she went to her dad's on Friday after school.

Well Thursday came and went and guess what?  No Uni.  My daughter was crushed.  In a twist of good/bad luck, Kaden and I got sick on Friday and I left work early.  But not before the real Uni was delivered to my office.

Since I knew I would be in her school's neighborhood before school ended, I decided to make a stop by there to drop off Uni to Brielle.  I brought it to the office and asked that they deliver it to Brielle.  They asked me if I wanted to give it to her and although I said I didn't want to interrupt her, they assured me it would be ok.

You could not wipe the smile off of that little girl's face.  All of her hard work had paid off and she was reunited with her beloved Uni.  Best.  Drop off.  Ever.

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