January 22, 2014

ONecklace Review

The very first Sex and the City I ever saw was the series finale at a Sex and the City party that my best friend Matty held.  I was instantly hooked.  In the series finale, Carrie is living in Paris and loses her Carrie necklace.  She ends up finding it and her identity right before being rescued by Mr. Big.

Ever since, I have wante d my own Carrie necklace.  Luckily, I was sent this one by ONecklace.  I was very impressed by their selection.  They have monograms, full names and more.  And the prices are very reasonable.  Check them out!

It should also be said that it was really hard growing up with the name Robin.  It's not an average name really.  Of all the bike license plates, necklaces and other personalized memorabilia at various department stores, hardly anyone carried a Robin.

Which may be the reason for my name and initial fixation now.  I haven't always loved my name--it took a lot of maturity to accept my name--but as an adult I can also embrace the uniqueness of my name.  And thus, I am much more apt to celebrate it.

Especially when it comes to jewelry.  Because I'm a girl.  Duh.

Maternity Khakis--thrifted and gifted; Striped Maternity Top-Old Navy; Military Vest-Old Navy; Cognac Knotted Booties-Charlotte Russe; Necklace-ONecklace; Sunnies-Target 

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