January 15, 2014

Mission #25, Day 3--Mostly White

I really wanted to do a head to toe white look for Mission Week with neutrals, but alas, my closet is quite limited at the moment and this is the closest I could get.  But for an afternoon of shopping and running errands, it worked well.

I actually wore this out shopping over the weekend.  In addition to the picture frame extravaganza, I also had an Old Navy gift card from my mom burning a hole in my pocket. 

Now before I got pregnant, I needed restraint from shopping rather than a reason to shop.  But shopping is different now.  I don't want to buy a lot of maternity clothes because I know this is my last baby, they are really overpriced and in the big picture, you don't even wear them for very long (usually between months 4 and 9 of pregnancy for a total of 5 months).

I also know that I want to try to get back to my original size (or close to it) as soon as possible after the baby.  But there is no guaranteed time frame for that.  So I don't necessarily want to buy too many things that may or may not end up being too big for me in the end.

It's a super lame, first world problem, I know, but to me it is a little depressing because shopping was something that I really did used to enjoy a great deal.  I used to look at a blouse or a dress and oh and aw over how cute it was.  Now my train of thought is more like "well, that would be cute to wear."  I made the mistake of browsing H&M and fell in love with about 3,287 things that there was little hope for me wearing in the next 6-9 months.  I became slightly agitated and depressed at the two rack maternity selection.

But, I am trying to embrace the bump.  And therefore, decided to check Old Navy out anyway.  The maternity section, as most in any department store, was pretty void of selection and, again, hiked up in price.  But I refused to be defeated.

I wandered back to the women's clearance section and remembered--by golly, I had gotten pregnant in sweater season!!!!  Duh!  I could buy a bunch of sweaters and sweatshirts in small and medium that fit me now and will likely fit me later!  I frantically started tossing everything that appealed to me over my arm--just like in the old days.  I narrowed down my choices and headed up to the cashier.  She and I gushed over my choices, just like in the old days.  And I got home and can't wait to wear all my new stuff, just like the old days.

White Jeans-Jordache; Striped Sweater-thrifted; Low Studded Booties-Forever 21; Sunnies-Target; Necklace-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Elephant Cuff-vintage

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