January 10, 2014

Dear Frannie Fridays--Chore Organization

I am a trite neurotic at times.  Pregnancy has intensified that.  I can be a bit of a Type A control freak.  I'll admit it.  And I am notorious for trying to take everything on myself rather than ask for or even accept help.

Here's the thing about pregnancy: it is legit.  All the stereotypes that people have about pregnancy--true.  It is exhausting.  The smallest task leave you ready for a nap.  Everything aches.  All the time.  Either in addition to or because of (however you want to look at it), this can make you a little irritable. 

What I am getting at is--this is the time where it is OK to let some chores slide.  And it is OK to ask for or require help.  Even the most stubborn of us *raises hand* can do this in a way where everyone wins.  Here I give you my family's chore chart:

After a mental breakdown I had a couple of months ago from being worn out from work and all the household chores, I made and instilled this chore chart.  Everyday, there are chores that are done by everyone--parents not excepted.  At the end of the day, the house is in decent order and I am not nearly as manic.  Everybody wins.

Now, something I must point out is that my kids are 13, 8 and 6.  They are perfectly capable physically and mentally to handle the chores that I have given to them.  Most of these are pretty appropriate for ages younger than this, but obviously the list can be adjusted accordingly to match your household's needs and the ages and capabilities of your children.

I also reward my kids with allowances.  You will see the numbers next to the chores--those are the amount that each chore is worth.  They each have a specified color of notecards that they keep track of which chores that they have done on which days.  They get to turn in their paychecks twice per month--when I get paid.  If they lose their paychecks or don't keep up on them, that is their responsibility.  But after being paid once, they are pretty good about keeping track.  But you don't have to use monetary motivation.  I've done charts like this before and the kids would earn privileges like picking the movie for movie night or getting to stay up late or earning a dessert without finishing dinner or something.  You can make it your own.

I am surprised and pleased at how well this has worked for our family.  My kids know that they have chores to do and they actually don't mind them.  They are super time consuming and everyone pitches in.  They work for the money that they earn and they know that they can do extra chores for extra money.  I am less stressed, Patrick and I both feel that one another contributes equally to the chores and my kids learn responsibility and thoughtfulness.  It is without a doubt one of the best rules I ever instilled in my house.  I urge you to try it.  

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