January 2, 2014

Mission #24, Day 4--Metallic Cardigan

Day 4 of Mission Week.  I have to say, I first thought of doing the  last Mission Week of the year as glitter and sequins at the very beginning of the year.  And I planned a lot of other things I could wear like this sequined mini skirt or these gold jeans.  But they definitely don't work anymore with a pregnant belly.

And so my glitter and sequined and metallic wardrobe is vastly limited.  Please forgive the monotony that has become this Mission Week.  Sigh.  Dressing this bump (and the growing thighs and butt) has been most challenging.

I spent New Year's Day with my sister, brother in law and nieces.  My daughter is spending the night (she likes to stay over there to escape all the testosterone in our house since my sister has three girls) there.

While we were there, my sister and brother in law showed me a letter that my oldest niece, Anya (7) wrote.  Apparently she got in trouble and had to write a letter of apology to her parents.   She is hilarious, has the sweetest mind and the funniest imagination.  My favorite line of the letter goes like this:

"I am really, really, really so, so, so sorry for drawing on the wall.  A true hero can be stronger than a cow you know."  I could not stop laughing.  Her favorite movie is Hercules and she has been driven to be a true hero ever since.  Kids.

Silver Metallic Cardigan-Target; Denim Jumper-thrifted; Tee-Avitidy to End; Polka Dot Tights-Target; Combat Boots-L.E.I.; Earrings-gifted

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