January 30, 2014

Mission #26, Day 4--Elastic Band Pants

Day Four of Mission Week and I cannot stress to you enough how important elastic band pants are.  The necessity is obvious once you reach a certain point, but beyond need is the comfort factor.  These pants are actually maternity, but I don't actually have a lot of maternity pants.  Nearly any elastic band pants or leggings will do.  I do, however, recommend sizing up a size just to make sure that they last longer in your pregnancy and keep comfy.

I have been doing my posts the night before and scheduling them to post the next morning.  So currently, it is Wednesday evening, January 29th and thus Patrick's birthday!

Words cannot express to you or to him how grateful I am to have him in my life.  He is the definition of a perfect husband.  We compliment each other really well and I honestly don't know how I did this before I had him around.

He has stepped to the plate when others have backed down.  He is the world's best dad and step-dad (though he does not differentiate any difference between the kids) and I cannot wait until May when we have a new little member to our family!

He is kind, patient, funny and sweet.  Everyday he makes me smile and fills our lives with joy.  We've only been married for a little over a year, but it has been the best.

So happy birthday Patrick!  I love you more than words on a silly blog can say. 

Sweater-Old Navy; Black Skinny Maternity Jeans-Old Navy; Red Booties-Target; Fox Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Earrings-Kohl's; Sunnies-Target

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