September 1, 2012


 Let me shoot it straight with y'all for a minute.  In the words of my dear friend Angie, today I had a major case of the sadmadblahs.

First of all, last night was annoying and stressful for many reasons.  Least of which was the fact that I could not sleep for shit.

Patrick is out of town being a groomsmen at one of his groomsmen's wedding and I hate when he is gone.  I can't sleep and it gets super lonely.

I had a full agenda today and my day started super early.  No sleep + early morning full of shit to do = not a happy start to the day.

I could tell that I was just not in the mood because when I was driving, I found myself not even paying attention to what was on my radio.  And subconsciously singing to the likes of country songs. 

To make matters worse, while I was out and about, I got a comment on my last post.  It said that I looked like a pregnant horse.  Should this get to me?  No.  Not really.  But, I have to say, it didn't help my day.  Seriously, some people have just no respect.

Currently, it is quarter to six here and I am ready for bed.  I'm for real.  But I can't.  The wedding is in a week and there is still so much shit to do it's unreal.

I'm excited, I am.  But also I am excited just to have it done and over with.  I'm done planning.  I'm done crafting.  I'm done running around.  I'm done answering questions.  I'm done making phone calls.  D.  O.  N.  E.  

I got a car wash.  It was the first one since last year I believe.  But it was so dirty that it really didn't do much.  And then, for the first time in what feels like forever, it rained.

I've kind of hit a standstill with blogging lately.  I am going to finish out my week before the wedding, mostly because I love blogging, but lately it's been making me feel like shit for some reason.  I don't know if I am just stressed out or burned out or what it really is.  We'll see how I feel after I get back from the Honeymoon.

I better say something positive before this starts to sound like a country song.  I did get my hair dyed today.  Like legitimately dyed in a salon.  I never get to do this.  I was trying to use the whole ombre trend as a cover, but it doesn't really work when it doesn't look like it was on purpose.

Also positive?  I'm still hosting my e-party on Wednesday so email me your photos.  In the mean time, Kaden and I are enjoying some America's Funniest Home Videos and waiting on pizza.  That's right.  I'm not even going to cook tonight.  Whatever.

Zipped Oxford Shirt-Rags Consignment; Floral Tiered Skirt-gifted; Distressed Linen Wedges-c/o Blowfish; Aquarius Necklace-Target; Bracelet-DIY and gifted; Earrings-gifted

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