September 29, 2012



Daryl, my boss, is the president and a main sponsor of an organization called Artist Series.  It supports local art and they put on all kinds of shows. 

Because Daryl is the president, he gets tickets to all of the shows.  Sometimes he can't make it or he ends up with extra tickets.  And usually when that happens, he gives them to Patrick and I.

Last year at Christmas time we went to see an Irish Christmas.  It was awesome.  They had Irish jig dancers and told stories and sang Irish Christmas songs.  Amazing.  I've also seen Momix perform there (pre-Patrick days) and that was so freaking cool.  And all of them are at the Macky Auditorium, which is very old and very gorgeous.

Last night Daryl had tickets to the Symphony.  Patrick and I went.  Even though classical music isn't really our thing, it was still a lot of fun.  While I don't frequently listen to that kind of music, I can sure appreciate it.  

I can't begin to imagine the hard work and dedication that goes into that kind of concert.  And all of the violins working with the flutes and cellos and trombones.  It was really inspiring.

Most of all, though, I was proud to be there.  I was proud to work for Daryl, a main reason that such a performance could be put on.  I was also proud to see the new logo that yours truly designed for the firm in the program for the performance.

I know that traditionally, when people go to such a fancy schmancy affair, they dress up really nice and go to a fancy dinner beforehand.  But, Patrick and I are not most people.

 Patrick got rear ended on his motorcycle back in May and it has been out of commission at the shop getting fixed until just a week or so ago.  And even though I didn't understand the appeal when he first got it, now I love it.  So when we ended up with a place to go, decent weather and alone, I nearly insisted that we take the bike there.

So I went for fancy on top and bike-friendly on bottom (this is not what I wore, btw).  And it worked out great.  Daryl was there with his wife and said I looked "like a million bucks, like usual."  I love that even in jeans and boots, Daryl has an eye and appreciation for fashion.

So that's what we did on our Friday night.  A touch of class . . . Frannie style.

 Sweater-Kohl's; Floral Skinny Jeans-Target; Combat Boots-L.E.I.; Bracelet-gifted; Earrings-gifted

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