September 20, 2012

Flying Fishbone and Para-sailing


Other than catching up on some much needed rest and spending some true quality one on one time with my new husband, I had one other major indulgence while on the Honeymoon . . . 

EATING!!!!  Seriously, I've never ate so much in all of my life.  Even Patrick was like "whoa, babe!"

I don't know about you and perhaps I am just not used to traveling, but when I think of "all inclusive" hotels, I think Country Buffet style food.  Basically, they feed you for hunger and convenience, not for taste.

Such was not the case for our hotel.  For dinners, we had to make reservations and had four course meals that we chose off of a menu.  For lunch, it was a buffet, but definitely not Country Buffet style.

They had a pasta bar wherein a chef cooked pasta for you by order.  You could chose your noodles, your sauce, the veggies and even seasonings!

Not only that, but they had several salad bars.  That's right.  Several.  I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before but I used to be a vegetarian and I loooooove veggies.  In fact, salad is my favorite food.  I literally ate my weight in salad last week.  Most of this was due to one factor:

White.  Zinfandel.  Vinaigrette.  Ever had it?  I hadn't and I was hooked.  It was sooooo good.  

And it wasn't just the hotel.  We did venture out of the hotel to eat once in a while.  We had some amazing jalapeno poppers at this great cafe across the street, ice cream cones and on this particular night, we had . . . The Motherload.

 The couple that we met on our first day had been to Aruba before.  Garren told us that we absolutely had to try out this gorgeous restaurant on the other side of the island.

It was called the Flying Fishbone.  It is a restaurant where the tables are set right there on the beach and even some in the water!

The view was absolutely breathtaking.  We watched the sunset over the ocean, with our toes in the sand.  And because the water is so crystal clear down there, you can watch fish swim and jump in the ocean right in front of you!

Next to the tables they had these great "shoe holders" so your shoes didn't get all sandy.

 When I say that I spent 80% of the trip without shoes on, I wasn't kidding.  It was fantastic to eat a gorgeous dinner with your toesies squishing in the sand. 
This isn't the greatest photo of Patrick and I since the lady taking our photos was up on a hill (we look even shorter than we actually are), but you get the idea.

This is what I had--the beef tenderloin.  It was so melt in your mouth fantastic that . . .  I ate the ENTIRE thing.  I don't know what that white stuff was, it tasted kind of potato au gratin-esque, but it was also fantastic.

Patrick got the rock lobster.  I personally cannot eat seafood.  Even lobster makes me gag.  But he said it was amazing.

With our dessert, they brought out this sweet little note with a lit sparkler.  It was so sweet and romantic!

 Also on this day, we went para-sailing.  I had been once before in Mexico, but in Aruba it was a much more sophisticated set-up.  It was gorgeous scenery and we had a blast.  Plus, Patrick and I got to go together!  And . . . . we saw TURTLES swimming in the ocean below us!  TURTLES!  Pretty much made the trip right there. 

  Dress-Aruba; Denim Jacket-Lee; Teal Pointed Toe Kitten Heels-Alfano; Earrings-gifted

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