August 1, 2016

Mission #88, Day 1--That 70s Week

I consider myself pretty much a hippie.  I am all about nature (my family has dubbed me the "recycle police"), I am a hard core democrat (sorry not sorry) and I believe that everyone deserves equal rights.  But if that kind of progressive thinking didn't make me wish I was born in a different time period, then the style certainly does.  I am a sucker for the flowy, easy, natural look of a good 1970s inspired outfit.  So I welcome you all to my ever so cleverly titled "That 70s Week" Mission Week.

For this look, I used some suede pants that I believe to actually have been from the 70s (don't you just love that about thrifting???).  I added an easy white eyelet button down blouse, some vintage clogs, a studded backpack and this great chain belt from a local Colorado boutique (that can also be adjusted to wear as a choker or headband--mega boho score!).

Suede Camel Trousers-thrifted
White Eyelet Button Down-thrifted
Backpack-Jolly Chic, c/o
Chain Belt-Inspyre Boutique
Earrings-DIY and gifted

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