August 26, 2016

Mission #89, Day 5

Yeah, yeah, they are different patterns and colors, but same concept--a printed dress over a white button down shirt and white heels.  I am sad to see it leave, but glad to leave it with a picture of Julia with her cell in her hand.  And that is one of two accessories that I have yet to mention that nearly every picture of Julia includes: a cell phone and a cigarette.  This lady makes smoking look so good that I almost miss it.  Almost.  It'll be three years next month and I'm not looking back.


Pear Printed Dress-eShakti, c/o
White Eyelet Button Down Shirt-thrifted
White Heels-Charlotte Russe
Orange Bag-Neiman Marcus, thrifted
Gold Watch-gifted
Earrings-J. Crew, gifted

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