December 10, 2013

Mission #23, Day 2--Cocoon Cardigan

This cardigan has become a staple with my pregnant belly and thus, was perfect for Mission Week.  And speaking of my belly, this outfit in particular must have made me look uber preggers.

I got outed by the Quizno's lady.  I've become obsessed with the veggie subs (actually I always have been, but have an extra love for the vinaigrette they use) and become a regular there, even more so than usual. 

And Daryl (my boss) actually asked me when I was actually due as I had not actually disclosed this specific information to him.  I started this pregnancy out thinking I was due on May 19.  Then, after a few ultrasounds, it got moved up to May 12th, then 14th, then 15th.

The doctor also noted how big the baby is and, after learning about my treacherous 24-hour labor with my youngest and how she was my largest baby, made the call to induce me at 39 weeks.  Which moves me up even further.  Yikes. 

We have our actual anatomy scan on New Year's Eve and will get a better picture of what's to come then.  For those of you who haven't done this before, you can often find out the gender at the anatomy scan if you choose.

We are not finding out the gender though.  I've always wanted to be surprised, but never got to.  I had no willpower with my first or second boy, but definitely wanted to with my daughter.  Unfortunately, her dad spoke up when the ultrasound tech asked too quickly and we learned she was a girl.

I can't say with certainty any insight I have on the gender at this point, but I do plan to cover it a bit with the next Dear Frannie Friday.  Which is the weekend before Christmas.  Holy mackerel.

Dress-thrifted; Cardigan-Kohl's; Necklace-Kohl's; Boots-vintage; Cuff-H&M; Sunnies-Target; Earrings-Kohl's

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