December 9, 2013

Mission #23, Day 1--Wine Cardigan

Cardigans.  This week's Mission Week is probably the easiest one yet, but still essential in so many sartorial aspects.  For one, the obvious layering in the cooling weather factor.  For two, the addition of texture, color or other dynamic to the outfit.  For three, for a pregnant belly, they are one of the items you can pretty much guarantee on wearing throughout your pregnancy.

This look combines the addition of color--wine to an otherwise all black and white outfit--to the addition of the illusion of the waist that I once had by belting said cardigan.  Not to mention, the fun lacy back of this cardigan leaves a little something special, I think.

So how was everyone's weekends?  Good I hope.  Mine was pretty good.  Very productive.  I got nearly all of my Christmas shopping done (online, but nonetheless), I finished addressing and stamping our Christmas cards and I finished hanging up our Christmas decorations.

And as much as I would just love to add another weekend day to just kick back and relax (which, who am I kidding, wouldn't go down like that anyhow), I am very anxious for the week ahead.  We have big plans.

Most notably, my newest little niece is coming to the world via c-section on Tuesday!  I cannot wait to meet her!  And find out her name!  (My sister and brother in law are one of those weirdo couples that wait until the birth to announce the name.  They're so dramatic.)

And, we get our Christmas tree this week.  The decorating of the tree is by far, hands down, my favorite Christmas tradition--more than baking, more than presents, more than Christmas dinner.  I love unwrapping all of the ornaments from the year and years before, especially the handmade ones.

I know it's cliche as all hell, but holy cow is this holiday season going faster than ever!  Christmas Eve is in roughly two weeks.  Whaaaaaaat?  And in three we will be ringing in 2014?  Mother of mercy I'm getting old.

Wine Lace Back Cardigan-Kohl's; Striped Dress-thrifted; Glitter Oxfords-thrifted; Earrings-vintage from Grandma; Belt-Kohl's; Sunnies-shop in mall

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