August 31, 2015

Mission #65, Day 1--SHIRT DRESSES--Textured

For this Mission Week, it's all about the shirtdress.  Classy, timeless and versatile--they can be dressed up or dressed down.  And the best part?  They come in all shapes, colors and variations.  Today's shirtdress de jour?  Lace.

So guess what?  I got a new job.  That's the news that I couldn't share last week.  It happened so fast.  I applied for the job after randomly spotting it on a Saturday, got a call back on Monday, had the interview on Thursday, got an offer on Friday and by the following Monday (one week ago from today) I was giving my boss of six years my two weeks' notice.

It's a very posh and prestigious law firm in Denver, Cherry Creek to be exact.  It will be quite the change in location--a longer commute and an actual city law firm instead of a laid back Boulder one.  And on that same note . . . a hugely different dress code.  Conservative.  Very.  I was assured that they have casual Friday, but I'm coming from a firm where everyday was my very casual Friday.

I don't plan on changing the blog if I can help it.  I will have to dress boring for work--at least to start.  We'll see if that changes.  But I will for sure not be able to don my tulle skirts and combat boots.  So my blog photos are going to probably go to a special event/weekend basis.  This is actually fine because I currently have enough blog photos stored in a backlog for about six weeks.  

It's scary.  But exciting.  I have so many emotions going on right now it's insane.  But by this time next week, I will be a paralegal in a new job at a new firm.  I'll have my own office and parking space.  I'll have a LUNCH BREAK.  People I have never had a lunch break in my professional life--even when I was full time.

Saying goodbye has been hard.  I said goodbye to Daryl, my boss of six years, on Friday when he left for a trip.  He assured me that he would miss my fashion and flare in the office and told me that whoever he hired in place would never be able to keep up in that realm.  Which I appreciated.  But you know, you can only wear funky clothes in a serious profession for so long.  I guess this is growing up . . . 

Lace Shirtdress-thrifted
Denim Jacket-Old Navy, thrifted
Black Mules-Vera Wang
Crossbody Bag-Coach, vintage

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