August 17, 2015

Mission #64, Day 1--PREP IN MY STEP--Layered Shirts

School's back in session this week y'all!  So this week for Mission Week, we're going to a foreign land for me: preppy style.  This week will certainly be a challenge for me.  Especially since my complete opposition to the prep style from my youth.  Being a punk rocker in high school, the "preps" were our enemy.  So while I was in baggy Jnco's and way too big for me shirts, I was ironically judgy of the perfect girls with the perfect hair in babydoll shirts and perfectly white sneakers.

So making traditional preppy styles my own means taking the layered button up shirt under a sweater in a new direction: mixing patterns.  But, as is the case with pattern mixing, a common color palette goes a long way.  

In preppy back to school fashion, I took all but one of my photos for this week at an actual school.  This one was an elementary school that my brother and sister went to.  It's a beautiful school in the beautiful downtown part of the town that I live in.  Unfortunately the sun has been so bright and the weather so hot, it was difficult to get some good photos.  So I had to make due with what I had.

On that note, a lot of you asked me how romance week went last week.  Unfortunately I learned something about myself last week: I am not a romantic person.  In fact, I really stink at being romantic.  And as the week slipped by and my opportunities to be romantic became further and further apart, I became plagued with guilt and felt like a failure.

But I'm not a failure, I'm a writer.  And when the week ended, I bought a card.  A nice card.  And I wrote something nice inside for Patrick that was from the heart.  I wasn't ideal, but for me it was pretty good.  And Patrick seemed to like it and that was the point.  So I'll chalk it up to a win.  A sliim win, but a win nonetheless.
Leopard Print Sheer Blouse-Forever 21
Cropped Striped Sweater-Banana Republic, thrifted
Denim Skirt-Old Navy, thrifted
Platform Loafers-ANA, thrifted
Louis Vuitton Scarf-gifted
Snakeskin Bag-Kohl's
Watch-vintage from Grandma

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