August 21, 2015

Mission #64, Day 5--Tied Sweater

The whole sweater tied around the neck or waist was never my cup of tea.  I was always worried that I would look like a nut job.  It seemed to be one of those style things that only a model could pull off.  But I tried it, as you can see.  And surprisingly, I loved it!

I felt actually sophisticated and chic all day.  I felt like I should have a Tom Collins and a golf club in my hands.  And that was kind of fun for a day.

I was actually in golf club in middle school.  It was something I tried on to get my father's (an avid golfer) attention.  It didn't work and I really stunk at it, so it was very short lived.  But I was always intrigued by the culture of golfers--clinking their fancy drinks together and wearing polos.  It is the only sport that involves driving from one part of the game to the next.  Odd.

I may not be golfing but there are several reasons to celebrate--it's Friday.  Patrick is back from a business trip.  The first week of school is finished successfully.  And we're going away for the weekend with my family.  

And now, we jump shot.

Navy Joggers-Nordstrom
White Short Sleeve Button Up Blouse-thrifted
Argyle Sweater-thrifted
Red Flats-Kmart
Watch-vintage from Grandma
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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