August 7, 2015

Mission #63, Day 5--Patterned

Patterned flats, or in this case slides, are all the rage and a really fun and interesting way to wear your flats!  Personally, when I am in a bind I always grab for these flats.  They are fun and super comfy.

There are a lot of August birthdays in my world.  My high school best friend Bekey's birthdays was yesterday, another high school best friend Dylan's birthday is today and my brother's birthday is on Tuesday.

I met Dylan and his/our other best friend Chris while I was working at Subway when I was 15.  We went to different high schools and definitely hung out with different crowds.  Chris and Dylan were in band.  They went to church.  They followed the rules and liked cars.  I was a punk rocker, a smoker and a class ditcher.  Had it not been for Subway, we would have NEVER met or hung out.

But we did hang out--almost everyday.  We would go for coffee or ride around in Dylan's 1967 Mustang or go on some other crazy adventure.  They kept me out of trouble and helped them get into just a little bit of trouble.  It was a nice balance.

Every year on my birthday, Dylan is one of the only friends that actually calls me on my birthday to talk to me and tell me happy birthday.  It is such a small gesture, but it means so much.  In kind, I call him every year on his birthday.  Some times we reach each other and some times we leave messages, but the point is that we try to reach out.

So this year on his birthday, I'm going international with it.  Happy birthday Dylan!  Thanks for being my friend for all of these years!

Leopard Slides-Target
Mustard Dress-Free People
Navy Cardigan-American Eagle
White Fedora-vintage from Patrick's grandma

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