August 14, 2015

Dear Frannie Friday--Little Ways to be Romantic

Ok folks, as we have been discussing all week, there are several ways to be romantic that often don't cost anything (or very little) and are time effective.  The goal is solely to make your partner feel appreciated and show them that you were thinking of them.  So if you are stumped on ideas to do that, or just want to go a bit beyond the whole "go out to dinner and see a movie" bit, here are some ideas for you:

Get cookin'

This is particularly true if you are not the one who usually cooks the meals.  Try something new to cook that may take a little extra time or effort--make your bread from scratch, buy the ingredients in the fancy part of the grocery store or follow a recipe that you have been wanting to try.  Make your partner's favorite meal!  Try to recreate their favorite dish from your favorite restaurant.  Home-cooked meals are always best--especially when they are made with love.  If you are not the best cook and it doesn't work out--who cares?  Call it a day and go out or order pizza.  The point is that you gave it an effort. 

Get talkin'

This sounds so simple, but it is so true.  When you are married and especially with kids, your communications can get so mundane--when and where to pick up the kids, what time is that business dinner, how much peanut butter is left, which bill is due next week.  But if you take the time to actually talk to each other and hang out--it can make a huge deal.  Turn off the electronics and hang out in a hammock or on the deck in your backyard or on the couch even and just talk.  Remember when you used to do that?  What dreams do you have?  What goals do you want to start moving forward on?  What do you love about the other person?  Send an unexpected flirty text during the day just saying hi or how much you love them.  Put a note for them in an unexpected place that you know they will find (coffee pot, bathroom mirror while they're showering, on their car window). 

Get creative

Can't afford to go out for dinner?  That's fine!  Turn your house into a romantic dinner atmosphere.  Put on a tablecloth, light some candles, put on some nice romantic music.  Take your dinner outdoors--now is the perfect time before summer goes away--on the deck or take it to the nearest park for an impromptu picnic.   

Get crafty

Something I learned as a child was that my mother mostly appreciated the things that we made for her and not just the store bought stuff.  Think of something that you know the other person wants or needs or could use and get crafty!  Maybe you can't afford to buy your love a new toolbox but you could make a pretty cool one.  Maybe your wife is always leaving all of her stuff all over the bathroom--make her something to keep it organized.  She'll appreciate the gesture.

Get clean

It's kind of lame but seriously one of the easiest and best ways to be romantic is to make your spouse a bubble bath.  Don't just draw a bath though--make it the ultimate place of Zen--lit candles, romantic soft music, sweet smells and lots of bubbles.  Even if you have a lame old tub like ours, it will be appreciated and most likely you will even get to join! 

Recreate your first date

Even though you can't totally recreate every moment of your first date, wouldn't it be so sweet to know that your partner remembers it?  Where you went, what you ate, things you saw and talked about.  This one might cost a little bit depending on what you did, but it would definitely be worth it.

For us, it would be eating my homemade chicken marsala, listening to Disturb's Down with the Sickness and going to see Toy Story 3.  We are die hard romantics over here for sure.  ;-) 

Dress-J. Crew, thrifted
Black Leather Jacket-Target
Booties-Old Navy
Bag-Bebe, gifted

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