August 19, 2015

Mission #64, Day 3--Oxford Shoes

There are several pieces of footwear that are considered preppy and one of the most iconic is probably the oxford shoe--classic and timeless.  

Some of you may recall that this summer I went on a no-shop summer inspired by Beth.  It actually went really, really well!  Better than expected actually.  I didn't even have a hankering to shop.  I stayed away from thrift stores without a problem.  I put all of my email ads straight into the trash.  I was not influenced by other bloggers.  Ok, I was sometimes but I was able to keep my will power up. 

But I did buy one thing: this skirt.  I saw it in Target getting something for my kids.  But the price tag was clearance.  And it is a skirt that I seriously have been yearning for for a very long time--seeing it all over the blogosphere and beyond--I knew of it's remix potential.

So I didn't feel badly about the skirt.  And I still don't.  It was under $20, it's already been on my radar and I can picture countless ways to style it over and over again.  So I think that is something worth breaking a shopping ban for.

But, as predicted by Lydia, now that school starts (today!) the ban is officially over and I want all the things.  All of the little pieces I have been eyeing on other bloggers, longing for them to join my closet.  And I did a little online shopping to satisfy my cravings.

So get ready--Mama's got some new things in her closet and I cannot wait to debut them on the blog.  And once again I am reminded of why shopping bans are so dangerous.  Because when they are over, you binge.  And I would feel slightly guilty if it were not for all of the pretty, shiny new things hanging in my closet. 

Jeweled Sweatshirt-Old Navy
Black and White Striped Skirt-Target
Silver Oxfords-thrifted
Hot Pink Quilted Bag-Candie's

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