December 4, 2012

Break Down


I wore this to Conner's very special breakfast with the Senator!   It was so amazing.  He had a lot of fun. 

Unfortunately, the whole great day thing kinda ended there.

I knew it would happen eventually.  I knew that there would come a time that the whole deployed husband thing would kinda send me off my rocker a touch.

It was kind of one of those days where there was a lot going on and a lot of little nagging voices in your head about things not to forget and traffic and playdates and just stuff all over.

I was talking to Patrick.  He told me there was three weeks until Christmas.  I just started balling.  I don't really know why or where it came from, but it came.

Usually I am the jolliest soul around when it comes to anything Christmas.  But this year doesn't seem so jolly.  Patrick is gone, all the holiday hooplah is kinda on me, my younger kids are with their dad this year, my family lives far away now.  You know.

But you know what the best remedy for a bah humbug day is?  Playing with the kids.  Uno has been the game of choice these days.  Being the cool mom that randomly orders pizza on a school night.  And random phone calls to the bestie and ever optimist Matty.

O-bla-de o-bla-da as the Beatles say.  Life.  It goes on.

 Orange Tweed Blazer-J. Crew, thrifted; Skirt-Old Navy, thrifted; Black Footless Tights-Kohl's; Ruffled Suede Wedge Boots-Kohl's; White Button Down-Liz Claiborne, thrifted; Aquarius Necklace-Target; Earrings-gifted

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  1. Love this look, Frannie!! That coat is beautiful and these colors together are perfect :)


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